2mg/Vial Adipotide For Weight Loss

2mg/Vial Adipotide For Weight Loss
2mg/Vial Adipotide for Weight Loss Quick Details What is Adipotide? Adipotide is a peptodomimetic and it differs from a peptide in that it is made from small chains of matter (this matter is similar to protein). These chains are meant to simulate the performance of peptides. During tests, rhesus...
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2mg/Vial Adipotide for  Weight Loss

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UsageCosmetics peptide, beauty
TypePharmaceutical Intermediates
PaymentWestern Union, T/T, Moneygram,
Place of OriginShangHAI, China (Mainland)
AppearanceWhite Powder, White powder
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What is  Adipotide?

Adipotide is a peptodomimetic and it differs from a peptide in that it is made from small chains of matter (this matter is similar to protein). These chains are meant to simulate the performance of peptides. During tests, rhesus monkeys which were injected with this ultra-modern peptodomimetic decreased their overall body weight by eleven percent.
Adipotide decreased the body mass index, waist circumference and fatty deposits of lab monkeys.

Adipotide Benifits

Adipotide is popular for its postulated benefits. Research showed that it is the best peptide for accentuating weight loss. However, it is important to note that their potential benefits are high and will be of great use after their efficacy and potency are known. Enhancing weight loss in a natural manner is an area of interest for many researchers because obesity is a menace across the globe and finding a natural solution is beneficial for optimal peptide functionality.

Since adipotide works via inhibition of blood and nutrients supply to fats cells, it is considered as the most active and safest peptide for combating weight gain. In addition, adipotide does not trigger psychological symptoms and does not have a significant effect on neurotransmission. It is imperative to note that alteration of neurotransmission poses a major problem to a biological system because information transfer is hampered. Moreover, adipotide is not characterized with an amphetamine-type mechanism and has mild or no gastrointestinal effects on the test subject.


Clinical Research studies have shown that the peptide-like compound, Adipotide, is able to kill fat cells thereby causing a decrease in the volume and mass of the subcutaneous fat, and this in turn leads to weight loss. Adipotide is able to kill the adipocytes (fat cells) by selectively causing programmed cell death (apoptosis) of the blood vessels supplying the adipocytes. Due to the deprivation of nutrient supply, the subsequent starvation (which causes cellular atrophy or decrease in cell size) and the accumulation of waste products in the adipocytes; an irreversible injury occurs and this leads the mitochondria to release protease enzymes called caspases (specific factors that initiate the apoptotic process) which activate the transcription (a process whereby DNA is used to create mRNA) and translation (a process whereby mRNA is used to create the nascent primary peptide) of gene sequences which ultimately leads to the production of proteins that effect the apoptotic process.



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