Adipotode CAS 137525-51-0

Adipotide Peptide Powder Peptides Adipotide 2mg/Vial Rapid Weight Loss For Muscle Building bodybuilding Injection Hormone Products Specifications: Adipotide : 2mg/vial Purtiy:98% MOQ:10vials Country of origin: China Price: Negotiable according to how many do you need Payment Term: West Union...
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Adipotide Peptide Powder Peptides Adipotide 2mg/Vial Rapid Weight Loss For Muscle Building bodybuilding  Injection Hormone


Products Specifications:
 Country of origin: China
 Price: Negotiable according to how many do you need
 Payment Term: West Union /Bitcoin/ Money Gram/ banktransfer
 Shipping time: 3-10days arrived door to door most countries
 Shipping way: DHL;HKDHL;EMS;THT;HKEMS;UPS;FedEx send your package
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What is Adipotide
 So what of Adipotide? Peptides are simple proteins. They function in the body as neurotransmitters, sending signals and influencing hormonal response. As I understand it, they are fairly easy to synthesize. For that reason, peptides are popular for body building supplementation. Adipotide is turning up on websites that sell injectable supplements, the kind that would be banned in professional competition.

Adipotide is a new drug that is showing some promise in the area of obesity research. This drug was initially created as a cancer treatment designed to starve cancer cells of a blood supply so they would stop growing. The effects of Adipotide have shown that the drug actually starves fat cells of blood forcing them to die and be reabsorbed into the body. Initial tests were done on rats and then moved on to monkeys. The results from testing on rats showed a 30 percent decrease in body weight. After four weeks of daily injections of Adipotide followed by four weeks of non-treatment, 10 obese female rhesus monkeys lost an average of 11 percent of their body weight and 39 percent of fat deposits. Most of the loss was experienced during the non-treatment period.
 The Advantages Of Adipotide
 This is a product that is used to help obese people reduce weight through starving the fat cells in your body.
 It is meant to help you lose fat even when you have stopped using the product.
 It has been proven to be effective in reducing fat deposits and body weight as seen with the monkeys and rats.

Advantages of Adipotide

Adipotide is popular for its postulated benefits. Research showed that it is the best peptide for accentuating weight loss. Currently, peptides supplied in the market is for research purposes only and human consumption is not allowed. However, it is important to note that their potential benefits are high and will be of great use after their efficacy and potency are known. Enhancing weight loss in a natural manner is an area of interest for many researchers because obesity is a menace across the globe and finding a natural solution is beneficial for optimal peptide functionality.

Since adipotide works via inhibition of blood and nutrients supply to fats cells, it is considered as the most active and safest peptide for combating weight gain. In addition, adipotide does not trigger psychological symptoms and does not have a significant effect on neurotransmission. It is imperative to note that alteration of neurotransmission poses a major problem to a biological system because information transfer is hampered. Moreover, adipotide is not characterized with an amphetamine-type mechanism and has mild or no gastrointestinal effects on the test subject.


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