CJC-1295 With DAC peptides

CJC-1295 With DAC peptides
Powerful Growth Hormone Peptide CJC 1295 With Dac 2mg/vial 1g/ foilbag For Lean Muscles Product details Description CJC-1295 with DAC is a peptide known to help in promoting muscle gain, muscle strength, lean body mass and improve overall physical performance. It is considered as a long acting...
Product Details

CJC-1295 With DAC peptides

Product details

Product Name

CJC-1295 With DAC

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CJC-1295 DAC

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White powder



CJC-1295 with DAC is a peptide known to help in promoting muscle gain, muscle strength, lean body mass and improve overall physical performance. It is considered as a long acting analog of growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) though its drug affinity complex (DAC) lengthens its life span considerably as compared to other growth hormones. Hence, CJC-1295 with DAC is able to exert its beneficial effects with infrequent dosing as compared to your standard synthetic growth hormone injections


Most benefits associated with the use of CJC 1295 with DAC have been associated with muscle development. It is able to do so because of its ability to increase muscle tissue growth and improve protein synthesis. Hence, most of its users include fitness buffs, athletes and body builders. Clinical trials and anecdotal evidence have shown that I can considerably improve one’s physical performance. It is also thought to increase muscle strength, promote overall body mass whilst increase muscle gain. Benefits of CJC 1295 with DAC has also been associated with cell growth stimulation, skin, internal organ mass and immunity improvement as well as improved sleep. Anecdotal evidence has shown that it promotes faster recovery from muscle injuries and improvement of mental well-being.

Application & Effects

One of CJC-1295 benefits is linked to the peptide is the boosting of protein synthesis. Studies have led to the theory that the peptide's ability to prevent natural cellular degradation can increase the amount of proteins in animal test subjects. Another theorized benefit revolves around the notion of reduced body fat, as the peptide's mechanics have demonstrated a tendency to promote lipolysis, which is the process where lipids get broken down.

Advantages of the use of CJC-1295:

1.Supports GH secretion 2-10 times!

2.Half-life of 7 days

3.Simple application twice a week

4.Improving sleep

5.The rejuvenation of joints, tendons and ligaments

6.Faster recovery

7.Muscle growth

8.Reducing the amount of subcutaneous fat

CJC-1295 Injection

CJC-1295 Injection may be subcutaneous, intramuscular, or intravenous.

According to personal preference. If desired, peptide solutions from other vials, such as a vial of a GHRP product, may also be drawn into the same syringe. This reduces the total number of injections required.

We recommend a dosage of 100 mcg CJC-1295 at a time, simultaneous with injection of a GHRP.

For maximum effect, dosing is preferably three times per day at times of low blood sugar, for example about 30 minutes before a meal, but where use is ongoing, a common use is once per day prior to sleep.



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