Why Adrafini ?

Why Adrafinil? But more importantly, What Is Adrafinil? Olmifon/Adrafinil was originally created in the 1970s in France by Louis Lafon Laboratories as one of the sleep medications used to treat sleep disorders. It is a novel pharmaceutical because of its unique behavior-activating effects and because it lacks the undesirable side effects that other stimulants exhibit. There is also an absence of peripheral sympathomimetic effects in subjects to treat with it.


How to use adrafinil

Adrafinil experiences differ widely. The more you take, the longer it lasts, so the best time to take it is in the early morning on an empty stomach, whether in Adrafinil powder form or Adrafinil capsules. Adrafinil powder is water-soluble and can be mixed in juice or water.

How long does adrafinil take to work?

Because the Adrafinil to Modafinil metabolism happens in the liver, the Adrafinil onset takes anywhere from one hour to two hours to feel the effects. Even then, the effects are very gentle although you’ll feel a dramatic increase of focus, peaking 3 to 4 hours in.