Baclofen Powder CAS 1134-47-0

99% Pharmaceutical Powder Lioresal Baclofen Alcoholism Treatment With Muscle Relaxant Agent CAS 1134-47-0 Baclofen quick detail: Product Name: Baclofen Tag: gamma-aminobutyric acid, GABA, Kemstro,Lioresal,Liofen,Gablofen,Lyflex,Beklo,Baclosan Synonym...
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99% Pharmaceutical Powder Lioresal Baclofen Alcoholism Treatment  With Muscle Relaxant Agent CAS 1134-47-0

Baclofen quick detail:

Product Name: Baclofen
 Tag: gamma-aminobutyric acid, GABA, Kemstro,Lioresal,Liofen,Gablofen,Lyflex,Beklo,Baclosan
 Synonym Kemstro,Lioresal,Liofen,Gablofen,Lyflex,Beklo,Baclosan
 CAS 1134-47-0
 MF C10H12ClNO2
 MW 213.66
 EINECS 214-486-9
 Assay 99%
 Quality Standards Enterprise Standard/Pharma Grade
 Appearance White powder
 Package 25kg/Drum
 Place of Origin China
 Certification ISO9001, ISO14000, KOSHER
 Model Number 1134-47-0

Baclofen Description:
Baclofen is a muscle relaxer and an antispastic agent.
 Baclofen is used to treat muscle symptoms caused by multiple sclerosis, including spasm, pain, and stiffness.
 Baclofen is sometimes used to treat muscle spasms and other symptoms in people with injury or disease of the spinal cord.

Baclofen Usage:

1.The product is a relaxant and antispasmodic agent acting on the skeletal muscle of spinal cord. Suitable for treating multiple-sclerosis bones spasms, spinal infection, degenerated muscle spasms; spinal cord trauma, and neoplastic muscle spasms.

2. It is currently the most effective muscle relaxants with least side effects.

Baclofen Specifications:

Items Tested




A white, crystalline powder or colorless crystals.

A white crystal.


IR should comply with the Reference Standard spectrum.
UV should comply with the Reference Standard spectrum.
An orange-red precipitate is performed.

IR complies with the Reference standard spectrum.
UV complies with the Reference standard spectrum.
An orange-red precipitate is performed.

Melting range

88 ~92 degree


Loss on Drying

Not more than 1.0%


Readily carbonizable Substances

The resolution has no more color than Matching Fluid A.


Residue on ignition

Not more than 0.1%


Heavy metals

Not more than 0.001%





Assay (HPLC)



Ordinary Impurities







Complies to USP31

Baclofen Function:
 Baclofen powder can be used as Specific GABA-B receptor agonist. Muscle relaxant (skeletal). It is primarily used to treat spasticity and is in the early research stages for use for the treatment of alcoholism. In addition, research has shown baclofen to be effective in the treatment of alcohol dependence and withdrawal, by inhibiting both withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Baclofen Application:
 Baclofen powder also known as β-(4-chlorophenyl)-γ-aminobutyric acid (β-(4-chlorophenyl)-GABA), used as a skeletal muscle relaxant. It is primarily used to treat spasticity. It is also used by compounding pharmacies in topical pain creams as a muscle relaxant.
 It is a GABA receptor agonist, specifically of the GABAB receptors. Its beneficial effects in spasticity result from actions at spinal and supraspinal sites. It is a derivative of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA).
 A beneficial property of baclofen is that tolerance to its muscle-related therapeutic benefits does not seem to occur to a significant degree — baclofen retains its therapeutic anti-spasmodic effects even after many years of continued use. Newer studies, however, indicate that tolerance may develop in some people receiving intrathecal baclofen treatment.

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