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Pharmaceuticals Intermediates Tapentadol m-methoxy benzonitrile raw materials CAS 1527-89-5 Basic Information m-methoxy benzonitrile, also known as 3-methoxy benzonitrile, 3-Methoxybenzonitrile, colorless or slightly yellow liquid. CAS No: 1527-89-5 EC No: 216-201-3 Physical and Chemical...
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Pharmaceuticals Intermediates Tapentadol m-methoxy benzonitrile  raw materials CAS 1527-89-5


Basic Information

m-methoxy benzonitrile, also known as 3-methoxy benzonitrile, 3-Methoxybenzonitrile, colorless or slightly yellow liquid.

CAS No: 1527-89-5
 EC No: 216-201-3

Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical State: Clear liquid
 Appearance: colorless - light yellow
 Odor: Not available.
 pH: Not available.
 Vapor Pressure: Not available.
 Viscosity: Not available.
 Boiling Point: 111.0 - 112.0 deg C @ 13.00mm
 Freezing/Melting Point: 0 deg C
 Autoignition Temperature: Not available.
 Flash Point: 105 deg C ( 221.00 deg F)
 Explosion Limits, lower: Not available.
 Explosion Limits, upper: Not available.
 Decomposition Temperature:
 Solubility in water:
 Specific Gravity/Density: 1.0890g/cm3
 Molecular Formula: C8H7NO
 Molecular Weight: 133.15



Used as a pharmaceutical intermediate, it is an important intermediate of the new antipyretic analgesic - tapentadol. The drug is mainly used to relieve moderate and severe acute pain, especially for the relief of adults over 18 years of age. Its quick release tablets were approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (trade name: NUCNTA) in November 2008 to relieve moderate and severe acute pain;Its sustained-release tablets were approved for marketing in August 2012 (trade name: NUCYNTA ER) for the treatment of adult diabetic neuropathy (DPN) -related neuropathic pain.In addition, it also can participate in a variety of organic synthesis.



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