Dextrin CAS 9004-53-9

Dextrin CAS 9004-53-9
High Quality Pharmaceutical Intermediates Starch Gum Dextrin raw Material Steroid Powder for Tablets/Capsule CAS 9004-53-9 Quick Details Product Name: Dextrin Synonyms: Starch gum;Dextrin; Dextrins(8CI);CZRM X;Canary S 8032;Cream Dextrin 15;Crystal Tex 627;D 3100 (gum);D 400E;DF...
Product Details

High Quality Pharmaceutical Intermediates Starch Gum Dextrin raw Material Steroid Powder for Tablets/Capsule CAS 9004-53-9


Quick Details

Product Name: Dextrin
Synonyms: Starch gum;Dextrin; Dextrins(8CI);CZRM X;Canary S 8032;Cream Dextrin 15;Crystal Tex 627;D 3100 (gum);D 400E;DF 2600;Dextrid;Dextrin102N;Dextrin 102S;Dextrin 1104;Dextrin 12;Dextrin 1719;Dextrin 3;Dextrin ND-S;Dextrin ND-SN;Dextrina Bianca;Dexy 86;
CAS No.: 9004-53-9
EINECS No.: 232-675-4
Molecular Formula: (C6H10O5)n
Appearance: white or yellow powder

Purity: 99%

Storage: Dry place in sealed container

Use: thickeners and stabilizers



Resistant Dextrin powder is made from Non-GMO natural corn starch, when heated under the condition of acidic condition, decomposed and gained low molecular soluble dextran (2000 dal).

Resistant Dextrin is a light yellow syrup or powder product.

It is a soluble fiber of natural origin, derived from starches.

It is easily soluble in water for a transparent solution with lightly sweet, convenient processing.

It can be used in many kinds of foods such as protein bars, cereals, and beverages and nutritional products. But it has high stability and does not affect their original flavor.

And it can control the digestion and absorption of sugar.

Function of Resistant Dextrin

1. Improve bowel movements to prevent constipation;

2. Inhibition of postprandial blood glucose rise;

3. Improve lipid metabolism;

4. Promote mineral absorption.

5. Increase fiber content

6. Reducing sugar and calories

7. Help to promote digestive tract health

8. Probiotic properties

9. Low blood glucose response

10. Improve calcium absorption, thereby supporting bone health

11. Reduces insulin response

12. Increased sensation of satiety


Test ItemStandard
AppearanceLight yellow syrupWhite or light yellow powder
Moisture, %/≤6.0
Fiber Content (on drying substance), w/% 85.085.0
Solid Substance, %75.0-76.0/
Solubility, %/≥98
Foreign Matter, ppm≤15.0≤15.0
Ph(10% water solution)3.5 - 5.53.5 - 5.5
Sugar, w/%(on drying)≤ 2.0≤ 2.0
Ash, w/%≤0.3≤0.5
Total count plate, cfu/g≤1000≤1000
Yeast and Mold, cfu/g≤10≤10
Coliforms, mpn/100gNegativeNegative

Fiber content correlates to AOAC 2001.03 and AOAC 2009.01

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