Methylstenbolone CAS No 5197-58-0

Methylstenbolone CAS No 5197-58-0
High Purity Methylstenbolone Prohormone Raw Powder , Bodybuilding Supplements Steroids MethylStenbolone Details: Product name: Methylstenbolone No.: 5197-58-0 Assay: 90% Properties: White or white crystalline powder. Packing: 1kg/ foil bag Usage: Pharmaceutical raw material Description:...
Product Details

High Purity Methylstenbolone Prohormone Raw Powder ,  Bodybuilding Supplements Steroids

MethylStenbolone  Details:

Product name: Methylstenbolone
 No.: 5197-58-0
 Assay: 90%
 Properties: White or white crystalline powder.
 Packing: 1kg/ foil bag
 Usage: Pharmaceutical raw material

 MethylStenbolone  is a very new and potent designer steroid recently brought to the market by  Antaeus labs. Several products in the past have claimed to use this compound,  however independent lab testing has revealed they only contained superdrol.
 Methylstenbolone  does not convert to an estrogenic metabolite or have any affinity for the  progesterone receptor, so estrogen mediated side effects should be virtually  non-existent. Methylstenbolone is also one of the most toxic substances  available due to its ability to resist metabolization, although anecdotal  reports lead us to believe it carries less side effects than superdrol.

Methylstenbolone  is a DHT derived prohormone that provides lean mass gains with low water  retention.
 Methylstenbolone provides increases in mass, size, and strength. Unlike  superdrol, Methylstenbolone retains little to no water retention meaning you  can bulk up without losing definition. This will provide the lookof much fuller  muscles. Many people after experiencing methylstenbolone prefer it over  superdrol.
 MethylStenboloneis a powerful and extremely potent compound that has people in  the steroid literally turned upside down.
 Methylstenbolone is being called the "new superdrol." Compared to  Superdrol,Methylstenbolone is more anabolic, rapidly increasing muscle size,  density and strength.

 It  is a competition steroid which is confirmed by the American "Steroid  Guru" Daniel Duchaine.Stenbolone is an excellent steroid to use while dieting.  Since the substance is in acetate form it has only a low half-life time so that  frequent and regular injections are necessary in order to ob-tain sufficiently  high and constant blood level values.
 For  optimal results is normally taken daily and injected at least every 2 days. The  usual weekly dose for athletes is 200-300 mg. For this reason the 50 mg  strength is often preferred and the athlete either injects the entire  one-milliliter ampule daily or limits the use to half of it. Women normally do well  with 100- 150 mg/week and should divide their weekly dosage into three equal  parts.


Positive Effects

 1. Increased Muscle Mass / Weight - Steroids  increase nitrogen level in the body, thereby producing proteins that help in  the production of
 2. Reduced Body Fat - Steroids speed up the  metabolism of the body, which helps in reducing the accumulated fat.  
 3. Improve physical appearance  
 4.Increased Sex Drive - People who intake  steroids have been noted to experience an increase in their sex drive.  
 5. Increased Effectiveness Of Training- If you  take steroids, the effects of your physical training would be much more  prominent,you can Train longer and frequently with unprecedented intensity  
 6. Boost sporting performance  
 7. Improved Recovery Rate,Faster recuperation -  Steroids produce cortisol, which helps the body handle stress and also speeds  up the recovery time.  
 8. Euphoria - A person who takes steroids  experiences an ecstatic feeling and is often overjoyed. 
 9. Treatment For Disease - Steroids increase  the production of red blood cells in the body, thereby treating blood disorders  like anemia. They are also helpful in treating arthritis, asthma, brain injury  and some types of cancer.  
 10. Improve drive, ambition and focus  
 11. Increase strength and endurance.  
 12. They’re also given to HIV-positive  individuals and some cancer patients to increase their appetite, maintain  muscle mass and enhance their sense of well-being.


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