Superdrol Powder CAS No 3381-88-2

Superdrol Powder CAS No 3381-88-2
China Supply Anaboil Pharmaceutical Anabolic Steroids 99% Methasterone Superdrol Powder For Dummies CAS 3381-88-2 Quick Details: Description: These benefits alone make Superdrol a formidable androgen,but it also encompasses other traditional steroid properties like: increased red blood cell...
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China Supply Anaboil Pharmaceutical Anabolic Steroids 99%  Methasterone Superdrol Powder For Dummies CAS 3381-88-2

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2, 17-Dimethyldihydrotestosterone;17-hydroxy-2, 17-dimethylandrostan-3-one








97% min


White crystalline powder


foil bag or tin


Express courier


Pharmaceutical material, Steroid hormone, Anabolin. As a male hormone and anabolic hormones.


These benefits alone make Superdrol a  formidable androgen,but it also encompasses other traditional steroid  properties like: increased red blood cell (RBC) production;improved endurance  during exercise via better lactic acid clearing;enhanced oxygen and nutrient  delivery to working muscles for greater stamina;better muscle glycogen  restoration after exercise for faster recovery and;the inhibition of catabolism  (muscle destruction).
 Superdrol is an anabolic steroid that carries a bit of a unique history  compared to many anabolic steroids.Superdrol itself is merely a brand name of  an over the counter anabolic steroid sold as a pro hormone or nutritional  supplement by Anabolic Extreme.While an anabolic steroid, the active hormone.

What are the uses of Methasterone?
 Gain Muscle Mass
 If you wish to drastically increase your mean muscle weight, you should  consider using this product. Success stories of how the product helped people  improve their muscle weight abound, and some are really incredible.
 Lose Weight
 Methasterone helps you to gain more muscle without necessarily having to  increase your daily calorie intake. There is a general notion that for you to  gain muscle, you have to consume more calories. Although there is some truth to  this statement, this does not have to be your predicament- especially not if  you have a diet to stick to.

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