Health Brain Drugs Nootropics Nefiracetam For Improve Intelligence

Health Brain Drugs Nootropics Nefiracetam For Improve Intelligence
Memory. One of the primary Nefiracetam benefits is better memory and information retention in the long term.
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Health Brain Drugs Nootropics Nefiracetam DM -9384 Powder Benefits Of Improve Intelligence For Alzheimer Demenz Treatmen

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Product Name:Nefiracetam
BP:458.5C at 760 mmHg
Grade:Pharmaceutical Grade
Appearance:White Powder


Nefiracetam is a cognitive enhancer (nootropic) of the racetam class, derived initially from the parent molecule piracetam but it shares most structurally similarity to aniracetam. Nefiracetam is fat soluble racetam drugs for the purpose of memory enhancement or the treatment of cognitive decline.


Benefits of Nefiracetam


1. Memory. One of the primary Nefiracetam benefits is better memory and information retention in the long term.

2. Learning Ability. There have been studies showing that this supplement can lead to improvements in spatial learning abilities. Nefiracetam also has a much more potent effect on increasing attention spans, concentration and focus as compared to other nootropics like Pramiracetam, Oxiracetam or Piracetam.

3. Healthy Brain Cells. It may also be helpful in treating patients with cognitive decline as well as improving the health and maintenance of your brain cells. Taking Nefiracetam is thought to actually protect brain neurons from premature cell death due to cytoprotective actions.

4. Stress, Anxiety, Depression. Nefiracetam has been found useful for reducing stress, anxiety, and even depression. The mechanisms of action for these supplements are similar in many respects, but Nefiracetam seems to exhibit a wider range of effects.

5. Seizures. Studies also indicate that this supplement might be effective in treating seizures. This includes both convulsive and non-convulsive seizures. The primary effect is to greatly reduce the effects of amygdala based seizures and use for stroke patients in reducing the number and duration of post-stroke seizures.

6. Alzheimer's and Dementia. May have a therapeutic role in Alzheimer's and Dementia, but this has not been well investigated. Preliminary evidence seems promising


Memory Mechanisms of Nefiracetam


The memory mechanisms of nefiracetam seem to be linked back to two pathways. One is prolonging the opening of calcium channels which enhances signalling of a receptor independent of the synapse, and the other pathway seems to be tied into PKC and CAMKII which then augments signalling through cholinergic receptors. The former pathway appears to be critical for long-term potentiation, whereas the latter pathway appears to be vital for neuronal signal enhancement.

Some other minor pathways include being a partial agonist at the glycine binding site of the NDMA receptor (may enhance signalling when there are subpar levels of glycine, but attenuates excessive signalling) and increasing affinity of the muscarinic acetylcholine receptors for its ligand, acetylcholine.


What is noopept?

Noopept, a strong cognitive enhancer, was developed in Russia in the early 2000s for the treatment of alcohol induced brain damage.

A mind-turning supplement, Noopept is a powerful substance which is able to cross the blood brain barrier. It works primarily by binding to glutamate receptors and exerting strong neuroprotective effects on the brain.Its highbio-availability also means it is fast acting and may have a cumulative effect.

While it is most well known as a brain supplement, Noopept also increases coordination and improves mood. It is able to help fight fatigue and avoid caffeine withdrawals with no noticeable side effects. It makes a great study aid, since it will not cause insomnia.

Some research also indicates that this supplement may help to prevent oxidization damage to the brain. It also works to treat alcohol related brain damage (this was actually the original purpose for its development).


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