Methylstenbolone CAS No 5197-58-0

Methylstenbolone CAS No 5197-58-0
99% Purity Steroid Hormone Raw Powder Methylstenbolone For Strengthing Gains CAS 5197-58-0 Quick Detail Description 1. Methy-Tren is an oral steroid that has never been sold as a prescription drug or a dietary supplement. Its only use at this point has been as a research chemical, although it...
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99% Purity Steroid Hormone Raw Powder Methylstenbolone For  Strengthing Gains CAS 5197-58-0

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Stenbolone; Estembolona; Estembolona [INN-Spanish]; Stenbolonum; Stenbolonum [INN-Latin]; M-Sten; Ultradrol








White powder

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 1. Methy-Tren is an oral steroid that has never  been sold as a prescription drug or a dietary
 supplement. Its only use at this point has been as a research chemical,  although it does have some
 limited availability on the black market. Methy-Tren is basically with a C-17  methyl group making it orally bioavailable.
 2. Methy-Tren is one of the strongest oral anabolic steroids ever produced. This agent is a derivative
 of trenbolone (trienolone), which has been c-17 alpha alkylated to allow for oral administration.This
 modification has created a steroid that is significantly stronger than its non-methylated cousin.
 3. Its potencyhas been measured to be anywhere from 120 300 times greater than  that of methyltestosterone, with greater dissociation between anabolic and  androgenic effects.625 626 Milligram for milligram methyltrienolone is a more  active steroid than any agent sold on the commercial market, requiring doses as  little as .5-1 milligram per day to notice a strong anabolic effect. Its  potencyis only matched by its relative toxicity, however, which has limited its  modern use to that of laboratory research only.

 4. Methyltrienolone is a steroid compound that  is mostly unavailable on the market black or otherwise. The reason for its  obscurity is because it is so highly toxic to the liver that even doses of as  little as 2 mgs a week have caused jaundice of the liver.
 5.Besides its toxicity to the liver, it will also cause sexual dysfunction and  can cause other compounds it is stacked with to exaggerate the effects of  estrogen in the body. Although this compound is obviously dangerous and not  recommended for use by anybody who values their health, it is worth noting that  its muscle-building and fat-burning properties are on par with the  highest-rated steroids available today.


 1. A potent, non-aromatizable androgen that is  structurally similar to trenbolone and has been referred
 to as "oral tren."

 2. Although they are very similar in structure,  methyltrienolone is very different in effect from trenbolone.
 It has an anabolic to androgenic ratio of 12000/6000 in comparison to  methyl-testosterone, making it
 possibly the most potent steroid in existence.
 3. Methyltrienolone may also be the strongest androgen
 receptor binder of all steroids. Methyltrienolone required very small doses to  see big gains in size
 and strength. Methyltrienolone does not convert to estrogen, but it does have  progestational activity
 which may increase the effects of estrogen. This can be considered a  "dry" compound that will not
 cause much if anything for subcutaneous (under the skin) water retention.

Positive Effects

 1. Increased Muscle Mass / Weight - Steroids increase  nitrogen level in the body, thereby producing proteins that help in the  production of
 2. Reduced Body Fat - Steroids speed up the  metabolism of the body, which helps in reducing the accumulated fat.  
 3. Improve physical appearance  
 4.Increased Sex Drive - People who intake  steroids have been noted to experience an increase in their sex drive.  
 5. Increased Effectiveness Of Training- If you  take steroids, the effects of your physical training would be much more  prominent,you can Train longer and frequently with unprecedented intensity  
 6. Boost sporting performance  
 7. Improved Recovery Rate,Faster recuperation -  Steroids produce cortisol, which helps the body handle stress and also speeds  up the recovery time.  
 8. Euphoria - A person who takes steroids  experiences an ecstatic feeling and is often overjoyed.
 9. Treatment For Disease - Steroids increase  the production of red blood cells in the body, thereby treating blood disorders  like anemia. They are also helpful in treating arthritis, asthma, brain injury  and some types of cancer.  
 10. Improve drive, ambition and focus  
 11. Increase strength and endurance.  
 12. They’re also given to HIV-positive  individuals and some cancer patients to increase their appetite, maintain  muscle mass and enhance their sense of well-being.

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